Epic Speed

I live for optimization. If a workflow isn't working for me, I make it better, and I share with the class so we can all benefit from best practices. 


Creative Prowess

I speak design-ese. I manage the creative process from start to finish, so I know how to get ground-breaking ads up and running. I can drive CTRs through the roof without driving designers over the edge.

Fearless Analytics

Nanigans? Chartbeat? SiteCatalyst? CoreMetrics? Honey, I'm ready to work with them all. Once I'm in a pivot table, nothing can stop me. 

What Can I Do? 

At my last job we tripled paid social revenue in just a year. How was your year? Could your campaigns use some bootstrapping?


Channels That Work

Data doesn't lie. It's a pivot table, not a crystal ball. Let's find the publishers and channels that work for Recovery Brands. 

I can ...

Manage dozens of paid channels

Work with buyers of all sources and mediums

Communicate with designers to get the perfect ad

Spot holes in workflows and patch them seamlessly

Hustle to keep automated and programmatic buys ROI positive

A/B test with meaningful results

Pivot on a dime to launch new strategies right away

Write my own stunning copy and reformat ads on the go, if need be

Keep up to date with compliance issues, budgetary limits, and interdepartmental constraints

Know the difference between a great publisher and a money pit

... with my hands tied behind my back

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