The High Volume Years

Cognant at MZ (Formerly Machine Zone)

Only Cognant merges extensive mobile ad buying expertise with a live data platform to deliver not only true ROI on mobile marketing spend but eliminate endless fraud and tiresome make-goods in the process. I focused on clients with apps for travel, gaming, ecommerce, sports, and media. 

Hive media

Trend-chaser + Buzznet + IDOLATOR + DESAFIOMUNDIAL + MORE

I lead the hands-on creation of state of the art rapid distribution system for structured content and new media, designed with monetization as a first priority. 

Taylor is an exceptional person to work with. At Hive Media she is instrumental in the company’s rapid growth and success. After building and mentoring a team of marketers, she moved quickly into the leadership of Hive Media.
— Markus Levin, CEO of Hive Media

Lifescript Advantage

I was the sole Senior Media Buyer for Lifescript Advantage, the performance marketing unit of, which provided custom marketing solutions (including lead generation) to its base of data-driven clients. 

Taylor is the single most proactive person I have ever worked with. Words and phrases like “entrepreneurial,” “self-starter,” and “problem solver” are thrown around all too often but in Taylor’s case they are absolutely applicable.
— Jason Morano, VP of Media at Lifescript

Get it Free - Property of Zeeto Media

With over 6 million fans on Facebook, this brand was widely "liked" by moms everywhere. They had momentum, but weren't sure if they were monetizing to their full potential. After implementing a robust media team, they are now seeing record-breaking revenue every month using the latest techniques in lead generation. Upwards of 100,000 leads per day can be sold to the top clients.

Taylor is a very detail oriented, hard working and process oriented person. On top of that she was very engaged in the company and fun to work with!
— Stephan Goss, CEO & President - Zeeto Media

Men Get it Free - Property of Zeeto Media

When Get it Free decided to widen their reach, they needed to make a traditionally "feminine" site appeal to their new male consumers. What could have been a messy rebranding was handled deftly. Under my supervision, new ads, campaigns, and splash pages were tested quickly, creating new revenue streams and appealing to a wider customer base. 

Thanks to Taylor we were able to get thousands of high-performance ads into the hands of the buyers who needed them, with less time wasted on sluggish and outdated methods. If you want creative results in record time, Taylor will manage your team all the way to success.
— Roger Sequeira, Multimedia Designer - Zeeto Media - Property of Zeeto Media

Top brands and manufacturers were struggling to get their sample products into the hands of their ideal consumers. Crude targeting and sloppy analytics meant poor quality leads that were nowhere near the volume they needed. saw the opportunity to provide consumers with their packaged goods. With careful bid management, now generates a huge volume of high-quality leads. Dealing with high-volume, slim-margin bidding can be tricky, and requires the delicate touch of an ad-expert.


The Little Guys

The Santaluz Club 

Santaluz had a rich tradition of doing things the old fashioned way. They needed some revamping and they needed it fast. I seamlessly migrated their direct marketing campaigns onto a more robust CMS, and started utilizing resources they didn't even know they had. Within months, engagement on their mail, social, and flagship properties were doubled. Delivery rates skyrocketed, and customer retention benchmarks were surpassed.

Bay BIrd Inc. Public Relations

My internship at Bay Bird taught me so much about myself and my passion for bringing a brand's message to life. Although this doesn't under the umbrella of high-performance digital media marketing, I think it's important to share my humble marketing beginnings. PR is the original content marketing. At Bay Bird I learned the importance of always being self-reliant with content. You may not always have the luxury of calling on a design team, content team, and publishing team, but that shouldn't stop any brand from cornering their market 

America's Health Labs

A fledgling company with infinite potential to scale, AHL didn't want to spend too much up front figuring out how to advertise and monetize their website. I dove into their e-commerce business model and trained their staff on campaign management. They brought me on-board 7 weeks prior to their website launch. Even though their staff was almost entirely made of freelancers, their website was able to handle scalable ad traffic, configured with granular clickstream reporting from Day One. 

Native Spirits

If you know me at all, you know that I have a special place in my heart for craft cocktails. That's why I jumped at the chance to help market a local San Diegan business focusing on craft spirits and bartending supplies. I set them up with an ecommerce site and helped them navigate the murky waters of getting your brand "heard" over all the digital noise. Kickstarter coming soon!

SD's Finest Rentals

Sometimes a business just needs a little push, not a complete overhaul. I helped a team of property managers configure their online presence, establish an editorial calendar, and manage a content schedule to promote their listings. Their brand just needed a little polish. Vacancy rates have been slashed in half, all after a few simple tweaks.